Select an inspection type:

Food Establishment  

Sanitarians inspect licensed food service operators and retail food establishments for proper food storage, handling, preparation and serving.

Hotel/ Motel  

Public Health inspects 71 facilities with over 6,600 rooms to ensure that all visitors will have safe and sanitary accommodations, free of nuisance conditions.

Body Art Establishment  

We inspect tattoo, piercing and permanent cosmetic establishments to ensure staff training, a clean shop, and proper sterilization of tools and jewelry.

Correctional Facilities  

Public Health inspects correctional facilities to identify sanitation and safety concerns which ensure a healthy environment for both inmates and staff.

School Building  

We help schools identify conditions that may harm the health or safety of students, school staff, and building occupants.

Swimming Pool or Spa  

We inspect design, operation, safety, and maintenance items, as well as water quality parameters of clarity, alkalinity, chlorine levels, and overall pH.

RV Park  

Public Health ensures standards for site spacing, water protection, waste disposal, and safety are maintained.